Primary Boarding – Where Children Grow their Boarding Wings!

Boarding School communities have never been more alive and vibrant. As Australia begins to emerge from years of COVID restrictions and the impact of home-schooling, parents around the country are once more looking for meaningful and exceptional practical learning opportunities for their children.

At the start of each School Term, boys and girls as young as Year 3 pack their suitcases and leave their country towns for three months. The decision to do this is not made lightly, but the benefits of combining quality education with an exceptional boarding experience is proven to have long-lasting effects.

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Southern Highlands is a primary boarding school with a 125-year history of nurturing young boarders. At The King’s School, Tudor House, children come from rural towns across Australia and internationally to access a quality holistic approach to education that is filled with unique and memorable learning experiences that shape young minds into great minds.

While the concept of primary boarding is daunting for many, according to Head of Boarding Mr Tim Jenkinson, there is no better age to start boarding. In fact, primary boarding is where children grow their boarding wings!

“Tudor House is celebrated as a place where children develop independence, emotional intelligence, and self-value. Our 169-acre campus is the perfect backyard for boys and girls to explore, play and make life-long friendships”, says Tim.

The reality is that for many children in remote areas, the best way to access broad learning experiences and high-quality educational facilities is to take up residency with a boarding school. Establishing a growth mindset through a love of learning is key to success, and a boarding school community gives children a breadth of opportunities that they otherwise would not experience.  

“After school, our boarders are screen-free and exploring the outdoors. They can ride on the mountain bike track, search for yabbies in the creek, climb trees or build forts with their friends. Our dining hall is alive of an evening as boarders and the families of our boarding staff sit around the table and share a meal and stories from their day.”

One of the main attractions for families is the fact that Tudor House is the only boarding school in the country that is screen-free. Parents want their children to have a childhood experience like they enjoyed– bike riding, camping and playing with friends until the sun goes down. 

Another benefit of primary boarding is that students receive early acceptance into Senior boarding school. For the boys at Tudor House, this means a seamless transition to The King’s School Senior campus in North Parramatta.

“Our boys arrive for Year 7 at King’s and know exactly what to expect as a boarder. Their time at Tudor House allows them to settle into Senior School quickly, applying themselves academically and managing their co-curricular programs. Often, they become mentors to the new students who are experiencing home away from home for the first time.”

The King’s School, Tudor House offers families in remote locations the opportunity to begin an exceptional educational experience for their children in the years where cognitive, emotional and physical development can be influenced the most. 

“Young children today are raised in a time where independence and self-value have never been more prevalent. Boarding school communities nurture autonomy but still teach the importance of responsibility, organisation and structure.”

Want to find out more about the boarding experience at Tudor House? Click here to Discover the Adventure!

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