Annual Giving Day 2024 | Low Ropes Course

Opened in 2018, the Tudor House Low Ropes Course quickly became a favourite amongst the students and a key part of the esteemed Tudor House Kahiba outdoor education program.

Made possible by the generosity of both the Tudor House community, the Low Ropes Course has further strengthened the School’s adventurous offerings.

The development of the Low Ropes Course reflects Tudor House’s DNA of challenge, adventure and risk-taking, both inside and outside the classroom.

The development of a healthy risk appetite through the use of the Low Ropes Course and the many trees to climb across the Tudor House Campus is valuable for our students as risk is woven into the fabric of our lives. Knowing how to manage and overcome risks is a necessary part of our student’s development.

This also extends to the classroom, where risks must be managed and overcome within academic endeavours as new skills are developed and even the challenge of public speaking, reciting poems to peers or even the entire school.

This Annual Giving Day, the Tudor House project is to further expand the outdoor education program through the development of the Tudor House Tree House. This project will aim to further challenge students to push their limits while boosting the already well-regarded Tudor House outdoor education program.  

To learn more about the Tudor House Tree House project and Annual Giving Day 2024, please click here –

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