Annual Giving Day 2024 | Arnott Courts

Opened on Friday 15 February 2019, the Arnott Courts have since become a much-loved space for the students of Tudor House, becoming a key part of the Tudor experience.

Made possible by the generosity of the Tudor House community, the Arnott Courts have provided a location for tennis, basketball, netball and anything else our students’ imaginations can conjure while playing at recess, lunch and after school.

The development of the Arnott Courts has further supported Tudor House’s adventurous outdoor offering to our students, providing an additional space for them to explore and play.

With a balance between screen time versus green time continuing to grow in importance, the creation of the space that the Arnott Courts provides our students has been significant.

This Annual Giving Day, the Tudor House project is to further expand the School’s outdoor and adventurous space through the development of the Tudor House Tree House. This project will aim to further challenge students to push their limits while providing further facilities for them to explore and use their imagination.

To learn more about the Tudor House Tree House project and Annual Giving Day 2024, please click here –

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