The Co-Education Journey at Tudor House

After 120 years of educating boys, Tudor House boldly entered a new era in 2017 with the introduction of girls. The co-education announcement was followed by two girls enrolling for the start of the 2017 school year, including current 6L student Olivia Trudgeon. These trailblazers led the way and another five girls joined throughout the year taking the total girl enrolment to seven in 2017.

Another 19 girls joined in 2018 and demand for 2019 was so strong that another bold decision to introduce girls boarding was made. With Adelaide Black (6B) going into the history books as one of the first girl boarders. 2019 is also notable for Niamh Walsh’s appointment as the first girl School Captain.

May 2022 marked another significant milestone with the commencement of the 100th current girl enrolment. I have had many conversations in the past six months about the introduction of girls to Tudor House and how this was the best thing that ever happened to the school. Our girls have openly embraced the Tudor spirit and have made an indelible mark in five short years.

Over 150 girls can now count themselves as Tudorians, 13 girls currently call the Medley Boarding House their home and our eldest girl Old Tudorians are currently in Year 9.

Many schools that make the transition to co-education can still feel like a boys’ school with a few girls or a girls’ school with a few boys for a decade or more. Unlike these institutions, Tudor House is already genuinely co-educational, and it feels as if the girls have always been here.

Adam Larby
Head of Tudor House
June 2022


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