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The King’s School, Tudor House is an icon in the Australian educational landscape and in 2022 it proudly celebrated its 125th anniversary and its 80th year of association with The King’s School.

As a Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 co-educational day and boarding school, Tudor House is the only school of its type in Australia. It is celebrated as a community like no other, where children develop independence, emotional intelligence, and value for self. 

Boys and girls, staff and their families set the tone for an educational experience for primary aged students. The 169-acre campus in the idyllic Southern Highlands is the perfect backyard for students to explore, play and experience a quality holistic education.

The ‘Uniquely Tudor’ Capital Appeal is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support the next chapter of this incredible School so that future students are able to enjoy a unique education, focusing on care, curriculum and communication, nurturing children to become lifelong learners and global citizens. Our campus master plan will ensure the development of world-class facilities to match the world-class education and assist current and future Tudorians to be Global Thought Leaders who are ready to take their place in this Global Century.

We urge you to consider being part of this exciting project by giving as generously as you can.


Through the years, The King’s School, Tudor House community has come together to ensure that more children can proudly identify as Tudorians, generously supporting our School.

Each generation has had Headmasters, staff, parents and Old Tudorians who have given heart and soul to perpetuating the heritage, tradition, and spirit of Tudor House. From its humble beginnings in 1897 under the guidance of founder Wilfred Inman, it is fair to say that Tudor House has come a long way.

The spirit of challenge, adventure and risk-taking remains the most valuable and defining feature of a Tudor House education and has been resolutely defended in the face of opposition and school systems where a culture of risk aversion dominates the landscape.

Today, Tudor House is a flourishing co-educational school with 260 students and over 30 staff. Our School is bursting at the seams, and the future is bright. The ‘Uniquely Tudor’ Appeal is an essential next step that Tudor House must make to overcome the significant infrastructure challenges of our growing enrolment and provide a firm foundation for future Tudorians.

Many of the current Tudor House facilities have served generations of Tudorians, but now is the perfect time to consider what facilities are needed to educate future generations. The ‘Uniquely Tudor’ appeal is the largest building program in Tudor House history. It is a bold and audacious appeal and lives up to our motto In Domino Confido.

Please show your support in whatever way you can and help us to forge ahead with the uniquely Tudor education for the next 125 years.

a philanthropic culture

A Uniquely Tudor Vision

125 years of history and memories, and a vision for the next chapter of Tudor House – this is what perpetuates the School’s proud traditions for future generations.

The vision for the ‘Uniquely Tudor’ Appeal is to ensure every student at Tudor experiences a world-class quality education, with facilities designed for students to realise their full potential. We want our boys and girls to grow in all aspects of their lives, and we provide the challenges and opportunities for them to build their leadership skills and achieve all-around excellence.

The design includes nature-inspired, integrated facilities that connect students, educators and the community to the surrounding landscape. It is a vision that honours the legacy of past Tudorians, celebrates the present and boldly imagines the future.

Active Education Centre

A place to come together

Green spaces, wild places, nature at its best. A sense of adventure created from curiosity and a desire to learn.

The Active Education Centre is a place to gather, learn, explore and play. Connections between the indoors and outdoors are seamless, with the active education experience extending well past the building to the landscape beyond. The centre will boast a championship-size basketball court, with spectator seating for the wider school community. An indoor rock-climbing wall will be popular for the adventuresome Tudorians, with ample natural light and a view of the Tudor landscape.

STEM Learning Centre

Space to explore and discover

Aplace where curious minds can explore and discover and the whole child is nurtured and equipped with skills to last a lifetime.

Centrally located within the campus, the STEM learning area and bike hub strongly connect to the natural landscape beyond.

The facility will support the principles of STEM learning, which focuses on students as creators, designers and innovators. The STEM Learning Centre will include opportunities for skills development with everything from high level technology to basic crafts so that students of all interests and abilities to challenge themselves. The spaces are a place where students can go to tinker and experiment, fostering a hands-on approach to learning and allowing students to become innovators and solve real-life problems.

The Dining Precinct

Nurturing Global Thinking

At the heart of the School lies a supportive, inclusive and generous community. A welcoming place steeped in history.

With expansive views of the broader pastoral landscape and a connection to Inman House, the Dining Precinct integrates harmoniously with both history and nature. The new Dining Precinct will enhance the dining experience at Tudor House, with a ‘Paddock to Plate’ philosophy inspiring the design of both indoor and outdoor dining areas. The connection to nature, sharing food and sense of community overlap in a very characteristically Tudor House way creating memories to last a lifetime.

From the Chair of the Foundation

Mr Mark Webeck (Old Tudorian '71)

Over 50 years have passed since I graduated from Tudor House in 1971. Many of my fondest memories in life come from the three years I spent at Tudor House as a boarder, and many of my dearest friends are my mates from Tudor. Having maintained a strong association with Tudor House over the years as a parent and a member of the Council and Foundation, I have seen up close the incredible impact and lasting influence this school has on its students.

I believe it is important to recognise the positive impact and influence and to give back to a place that formed and shaped you into who you are today.

I warmly invite you to contribute to the ‘Uniquely Tudor’ Appeal. 

We need donations of all sizes, and I encourage you to consider how you might be able to leave a lasting legacy that serves Tudor House for decades to come. There are opportunities to support specific parts of the building program with significant gifts, including naming opportunities.

Please contact the ‘Uniquely Tudor’ Appeal Director via uniquelytudor@kings.edu.au to arrange a confidential discussion about the nature and timing of your gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

The timetable for the ‘Uniquely Tudor’ building program will depend upon the generosity of donors and how quickly funds are raised. A phased timeframe over the next three to five years is likely.

No. School activities will continue as usual. Tudor House students will have a front-row seat to watch as their School is transformed.

Donors may pledge a gift amount and then take up to five years to fulfil their pledges. Donors can give one-off donations or regular contributions.

Yes. Gifts of appreciated stocks and bonds, life insurance, and charitable trusts are accepted with gratitude. Please consult your tax professional for more information on the benefits of different methods of giving.

Donations can be made to the Tudor House Foundation School Building Fund, which has Deductible Gift Recipient Status. Cash donations to this account of $2 or more will therefore be tax-deductible. You should consult with your tax professional for more information regarding the potential tax deductibility regarding other gifts.

Tudor House will create a donor board to permanently honour significant donors who wish to be recognised.

For significant donors, Tudor House may be willing to consider honouring family members, friends, admired teachers or other loved ones. Please consult with the School for further details.

The first project will be classrooms under the Library, and we expect the Dining Precinct to be the second project completed.

The new capacity for Tudor House will be approximately 350 students (including up to 70 boarders). There will be two streams for Pre- Kindergarten to Year 4 and three streams for Years 5 and 6.

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