The important decision when making a tree change

Taking the plunge and relocating from the hustle and bustle of the city to a more serene routine is becoming more popular with not only retirees but families looking for a better quality of life. Making a tree change and saying goodbye to your home is a big decision for any family but this choice is made easy when there are so many benefits to leave the city behind.

A rural setting can provide a family with a slower pace of life, a better living environment and plenty of space for children to enjoy the great outdoors. Downsizing your life can offer greater value for money when searching for real estate and you can almost always guarantee a big backyard perfect for children’s playtime. The presence of a vibrant community is also the perfect environment for children to grow up in.

While there are plenty of advantages in opting for a tree change, one concern for many parents is the limited access to quality education and where to enrol children in their primary years. Family life can get hectic and parents don’t want to spend hours a day commuting to and from schools in the city. When moving to a small town, you want your daily routine in close proximity to home for more quality time to spend with the family.

In the Southern Highlands of NSW, there’s a school that has enough wide open space for boys and girls to explore and discover. At The King’s School, Tudor House, along with classroom activities, academic excellence is supported through an outdoor education program that provides more green and less screen. The learning adventure truly starts when you enrol your child at Tudor House. This is a school where children don’t just look at trees, they climb them – a school like no other, offering an education with a difference.

The King’s School, Tudor House caters to boys and girls from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6. The Pre-Kindergarten program on offer is second to none, and learning is taught though the characteristics of play and collaboration. To help children adapt, integrate and transition to Kindergarten, Tudor House provide them with hands-on experience in the classrooms of our older students, with the assistance of support teachers. In our outdoor space, the Pre-Kindergarten children can explore and try a range of new activities to help them develop their enquiring minds, including the Paddock to Plate program. Children grow and pick produce, including apples in our orchards, watermelons, pears and berries.

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To commence your child’s Tudor House journey, contact the Enrolments Office by email or phone 02 4868 0008.

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