School Readiness

Is Your Child School Ready?

Starting school for the first time is a big event in your child’s life as well as your own. When it’s time to start thinking about sending your son or daughter to school for the first time, it can be an unnerving experience. However, with more than 30 years of primary school education, Anni Sandwell, Head of School at The King’s School, Tudor House, has some great advice.

At Tudor House, there are no tests to determine a child’s school readiness. It is our aim to access each child’s demeanour and then create an engaging environment where they can thrive independently.

The unique educational environment at Tudor House builds on the philosophy of forbearance and aims to extend the young minds of its students through a range of engaging and practical learning experiences, all while promoting independence. As Mrs Sandwell says, “The more independence a child has, the happier they are in their environment.”

If a child can communicate their feelings, have respect for others and wait their turn, self-manage and perform daily tasks by themselves, the easier they will adjust to their new school environment.

The King’s School, Tudor House’s dynamic staff, whilst collaborating with parents, strives to create a seamless transition between home and school. That being said, we know parents ponder what more they can do.

“One activity particularly great for children is cooking,” says Mrs Sandwell. The systematic process of cooking encourages a structured progression promoting skills such as listening and following directions, all to get to a finished product.

“Routine is also very important for children,” said Mrs Sandwell. Establishing daily routines that children can anticipate is important in equipping them for school readiness.

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