Has your child had their daily dose of ‘more green and less screen’?

Parents are in a constant battle trying to find a balance between indoor and outdoor activities for their young children. Busy school days lead to little time for outdoor play, and over time this can lead to unhealthy childhood habits, evolving into adulthood. The key to a healthy balance is to educate children at a young age on the values of physical activity and health.

Demanding co-curricular schedules, along with a technology-rich modern-day world, leaves little to no time for the great outdoors. Parents are also spread incredibly thin, finding it challenging to come up with new ideas to get their child off the screen and out of the house. As children spend the majority of their days at school, it is essential they are enrolled in a school that supports this philosophy.

At The King’s School, Tudor House, along with classroom activities, academic excellence is supported through an outdoor education program. Situated on 169 acres of bushland in the picturesque rolling hills of the Southern Highlands, Tudor House offers boys and girls clean living, fresh air and plenty of space to grow. Standing proudly on a foundation of more than 120 years of education experience, the co-educational environment at Tudor House offers inquiring young learners an education with a difference – in a setting that both engages and inspires.

The primary years are the most important and formative years of a child’s learning journey. Tudor House works alongside parents to ensure students receive a well-rounded education that is challenging yet relevant to this rapidly changing world. Tudor House students benefit greatly from a balance of rich learning experiences in the classroom and an outdoor education which promotes valuable life skills and encourages strong physical and mental health.

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