Alice in Wonderland

Last month, The King’s School, Tudor House, travelled down the rabbit hole and joined Alice, one of literature’s most beloved heroines, on her madcap adventures. With updated songs from Disney’s thrilling animated motion picture, Alice in Wonderland, JR., the audience held onto their seats for the fast paced, often hilarious take on the classic tale. With ‘spot-on’ casting, each student ‘became’ their character, bringing the performance truly to life. The Year 6 performers, deserve huge congratulations for their magnificent foray into musical theatre!

Alice in Wonderland, JR. was not only a beautiful performance but also a noteworthy learning experience for the Year 6 students.

Head of School, Anni Sandwell, noted at the end of the final performance, some schools now choose not to put on musical performances due to the extra time and effort involved in the process, as well as the misconception that students miss out on vital syllabus outcomes due to the time taken in rehearsing, preparing and performing.

“However, we identified at least 30 New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus outcomes taught in the six weeks unit,” she said.

As a candidate Primary Years Programme (PYP) School, Tudor House, covers six transdisciplinary units of inquiry, from Year 1 to 6 (four units in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten) per year. The unit How We Express Ourselves was deeply explored throughout the Alice in Wonderland, JR. production. Each Year 6 student kept a running journal documenting their personal journey, which was then shared in their student-led conferences at the completion of the performance.

Furthermore, Alice in Wonderland, JR. offered Year 6 students a variety of diverse opportunities to develop their personal skills through inquiry-based learning.

“The production focused on the development of communication, social skills and confidence while encouraging students to think creatively and expand their imaginations. Students were also encouraged to become risk-takers and problem solvers, while immersing themselves in the creative process.”

“Throughout the production, students created a variety of in-depth characters by changing their physicality, facial expressions, voice and persona. Students developed the ability to structure drama effectively by focussing on the key components of Freytag’s Pyramid and using the five ‘Ws’ of who, what, where, when and why, to create a clear, concise and meaningful performance. Ultimately, the production allowed the students to grow as individuals, convey empathy and respectfully express their thoughts, feelings and ideas within a team setting.”

On top of everything, Tudor House acknowledges that participating in a musical and/or drama performance provides lasting memories, often leading to the identification of previously unidentified talents.

In true Tudor House community spirit, this rewarding experience would not have been possible without the help of the dedicated family and friend volunteers and their inspirational preparation of the students. Anni Sandwell and The King’s School, Tudor House community thank all who were involved with the production.

To view photos from the performance, please see the Tudor House Facebook page, the Inman building foyer, outside the Head of School’s Office, or the Year 6 classrooms.

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