Leaders for the Good of Society

For nearly two centuries, The King’s School has equipped students with the tools they require to be leaders of service through its unique educational approach that focuses on Academic Excellence with Character Development in a Christian Community. 

This philosophy is also firmly embedded in the School’s Southern Highlands campus, Tudor House, where primary-aged students are taught that through challenge, adventure and autonomy, they may grow to become servant leaders. 

 Through King’s eight core values: humility, honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, excellence and gratitude, students are immersed in a culture that develops leaders who are willing to live a life of service to make an outstanding impact for the good of society.  

“Regardless of whether students hold official leadership positions, every Tudorian is encouraged to be a leader. Our School’s global approach to education promotes healthy risk-taking, adventure and independence,” says Mr Adam Larby, Head of The King’s School, Tudor House. 

The King’s School, Tudor House is the only authorised International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) School in the Southern Highlands. By delivering inquiry-led, transdisciplinary learning experiences, students are challenged to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning.  

 “The PYP extends our students’ understanding of the world around them, assisting them to hone their collective decision-making capabilities, which is at the heart of leadership,” says Larby.  

 Set on 169 acres, the geographic footprint of Tudor House enables a high-trust environment where students have the independence to problem-solve and make positive choices. The School’s renowned outdoor education program, Kahiba, is just one example of how the landscape of the School provides opportunities to challenge students physically and intellectually as they navigate many outdoor life skills.  

“Young leaders need to develop their character. A safe and supportive school environment provides the platform for boys and girls to find their limits, face adversity and make decisions under pressure. They come to know themselves, their capacity and the ways they can use their gifts for the sake of others,” says Larby.  

Learning is an adventure at The King’s School, Tudor House, and adventure is an essential ingredient for helping young people develop into leaders of the future. 

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