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Boarding at Tudor House
Co-Ed: Years 3 to 6

Boarding at Tudor House is very much a home away from home where the wonderfully supportive and highly qualified staff strive to make Tudor a welcoming, safe place and a rewarding learning adventure.

At the end of the school day, boarders can be found on the mountain bike track, climbing ropes, picking veggies from the garden or exploring the beehives- all experiences that are uniquely Tudor.

The advantage of primary boarding is it provides children with the opportunity to earn their boarding wings before transitioning to high school. 

At Tudor, the boys and girls board in one house with seperate boys and girls dorms and one common area. 

For over 125 years, students from all walks of life and many corners of the world have happily called Tudor House their home. 

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Settling into Tudor

The individual talents and potential of each student are recognised and fostered. All members of Medley House contribute to building a strong sense of community, and the children are nurtured to be independent, responsible and confident.

The boarding house has a no-screens policy, which encourages outdoor and creative play, and nurtures a positive, social environment. Boys and girls are encouraged to participate actively in the academic, social, spiritual, cultural and recreational aspects of the boarding community.

Caring for one another is an integral part of life at Tudor House, and all boarders are taught coping strategies and are encouraged to share their feelings with staff and friends. Boarders make contact with their loved ones throughout the week, including writing weekly letters to their families.


Meet the head of Boarding

Mr Anthony Philips

BA, MTeach (USYD), MLM in Ed (UON)

Anthony joined The King’s School, Tudor House in 2023 as Head of Boarding. Anthony joined us after 17 years as a primary school educator, during which he also served as an assistant boarding housemaster.

In addition to his experience as assistant housemaster, Anthony also has experience as a classroom teacher. He also has over twenty years of experience as a football coach, over fifteen years as a cricket coach, as well as experience as an athletics, swimming and cross-country convener.

Anthony brings a wealth of educational experience to Tudor House through his own development. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Anthropology (The University of Sydney), a Master of Teaching; Primary Teaching (The University of Sydney), and is currently completing his Master of Management and Leadership in Education (University of Newcastle).

Meet our Residential Staff

Flexibility in boarding

The boarding staff work hard to ensure the boarding environment at Tudor House is as home-like as possible. The staff are an integral part of the boarding community and are chosen because they are people of good character, who have a sense of integrity and responsibility, and who are capable of connecting with students and meeting their needs.

Boarding facilities

In the heart of the 169-acre campus is Medley House, a place where boarders feel relaxed, safe and secure.

Medley House has all the comforts of home, facilities for the children to enjoy and dedicated, caring, professional staff.

Whether staying a couple of nights a week or boarding full-time, every child can enjoy their own space as well as the communal areas within the boarding house.

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encouraging respect


Weekends at Tudor

On Monday mornings, Tudor House boarders love to share stories with classmates about their weekend adventures.

For boarders who are not on weekend leave, there is often a boarder excursion planned for Sunday. This could be anything from bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, fishing or surfing on the South Coast, horse-riding in Kangaroo Valley or trips to Sydney.

If boarders are staying on campus for the weekend, Sunday activities operate on the grounds at Tudor House. These activities may include orienteering, “Tough Mudder” style competitions, archery, canoeing, bushcraft, and simply hanging out with mates.

Adventure awaits

Why Tudor?

The advantage of a Primary Boarding School such as Tudor House, is it provides young boys and girls with the opportunity to gain their boarding wings before they transition to high school. Learning is an adventure at Tudor House, and the immersive landscape at Tudor House welcomes adventure, curiosity and investigation. 

Hear from our students about their boarding experience.

Find out why parents are choosing Tudor House for their children. 

Discover what the boarders get up to in their free time. 

A range of options

Our boarding options allow parents to choose what is most suitable for their child and each provides excellent opportunities for students to get the most out of life at Tudor House.

Boys and girls can board at Tudor House full-time or weekly, depending on the needs of the child and their family.

To find out more about the boarding options, please contact the Admissions Team.

The King’s School, Tudor House has a range of means tested bursaries available to families. Enquire today about the Scholarships and Bursaries available. 


Flexibility in boarding

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