Areas of focus

For 190 years The King’s School has been graduating young men who are highly valued for the quality of their minds, the calibre of their character and their commitment to service.

King’s achieves this by educating our boys, and now girls at The King’s School Tudor House, in an environment where ideals are based upon solid relationships, spiritual strength, hard work and the pursuit of excellence to the very best of a student’s ability.

The King’s School enjoys international prominence for many reasons, not least of which is a unique history which comes from being Australia’s oldest independent school. As we approach the School’s bicentennial in 2031, the School continues its strategic commitment to the educational distinctives of:

• Academic Excellence

• Character Development and

• Christian Community

Our approach to education across the three campuses of The King’s School, is one of constant evolution that ensures we lead with expertise, delivered within the environment of a Christian community.

expertise and evolution

2022-2024 Strategic Plan

The King’s School is a Christian community that seeks to make an outstanding impact for the good of society through its students, and by the quality of its teaching and leadership in education.

In the lead up to our Bicentennial in 2031, we embrace the following challenge: How, and for what reasons, will The King’s School be celebrated for 200 Years of Outstanding Impact in 2031?

A fundamental measure of success for The King’s School in the decade ahead will be a deliberate and conscientious shift to an attitude of gratitude, both within and beyond the School.

our plan for development

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