An inclusive community

A warm welcome

At the heart of The King’s School, Tudor House lies a supportive, inclusive and generous community. When you consider that the residential staff and family community across the campuses of The King’s School numbers over 120 and that we have 350 boarders, you begin to see how The King’s School, Tudor House is not just a school; we are a village.

Our parents have always immersed themselves actively into the life of the school and we invite you to do the same. In doing so, you will find the most incredible support network.

a welcoming village


For more information on the Tudor House Community, please call our Enrolments and Community Relations Officer, Mrs Anna Massey or send an email.

Our community

The Tudor House Community is a wide and varied group: current and past parents, caregivers and guardians, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and former teachers, Old Tudorians, donors and supporters.

Our parents enjoy and optimise their Tudor House experience through their child’s educational journey, immersing themselves actively into the life of the School.

across generations


Connecting with the community is extremely important to all King’s families as by doing so they find lasting friendships, an embracing community and years of fun along the way.

Stay connected

Throughout their time with the School, parents engage with class teachers, sporting coaches, Housemasters and a broad range of co-curricular staff.

Parents attend Drama performances, Music Recitals, and sporting events right through the School year, and we journey far and wide on boarding roadshows to stay in touch with our communities to hear their stories and share ours.

At the heart of The King’s School, Tudor House community is the ethos of coming together: from parent events to a handshake on the sideline, from a smile at a musical performance to the thrill of a sporting contest, our community works hard to get connected and stay connected.


Your family experience can be amazing – and we warmly we invite you to be ‘all in’ in the traditional King’s way!

Parents as partners

The volunteers of The King’s School, Tudor House are the invaluable group of parents, past parents, Old Tudorians and friends, who support our students and the School in a broad range of activities that are the backbone of our dynamic community.

The Tudor Rose Auxiliary is a group that supports parent engagement in School life and the social life at Tudor House.

The Tudor Rose Auxiliary supports our School community through organising fun events which draw students, their family and friends together. The Trivia Night, Kite Flying + Bonfire Night, Bastille Day, Billy Cart Derby and Mothers and Fathers’ Dinners are hugely popular and attended events on the annual Tudor House calendar.


Parents, past parents, Old Tudorians and friends can engage across a number of Associations, Clubs and Networks according to their interests.

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