Introducing Equestrian

Horses are unpredictable, so building handling and riding confidence is key to enjoying any equestrian pursuit, as a number of students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 at Tudor House discovered as part of the School’s newest extra-curricular offering an Equestrian Program.

Tudor House Head of School, Anni Sandwell said she was delighted to see so many students participate in the program and develop their horse riding confidence.

“To an onlooker, riding a horse may look like you are merely sitting in the saddle with the horse doing all the work. You may think that all a rider has to do is give the horse some simple commands like go, stop, and turn. However, there is far more to riding a horse than the casual observer might expect. There are holistic benefits of riding a horse, besides the pure enjoyment is the physical, mental and emotional connection,” she said.

Working in partnership with the Rosthwaite Farm Riding School, small groups of students participate in Equestrian Australia’s (EA) Ready Set Trot, a junior program for children with an interest in horses but who do not have one of their own.

As the students learn the fundamentals of horsemanship they are engaging in a lifelong passion for horses. The students are taught how to safely approach and lead a horse, use grooming equipment and how to ‘Tack up’ – saddle, tighten the girth and put on the bridle.

The initial lessons focus on learning to stay on and steer the horse which becomes easier as the students develop their balance, stability and coordination.

“At Tudor House, we are very fortunate to work closely with the Rosthwaite Farm Riding School. They employ a highly capable team of coaches and staff and are a well-established equine property, conveniently located just five minutes’ drive from Tudor House.”

At the end of Term 3, three more experienced Year 4 riders represented Tudor House at the Berry Interschool Equestrian Championship, one of whom was the Year 4 Champion.

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