Boarders enjoy dazzling display

The Tudor House boarding community has always had a glow about it, so a recent excursion to Bundanoon was the perfect fit.

The boarders travelled south to visit the Glow Worm Glen; a very special light show at the end of an adventurous nighttime walk.

As well as a lot of fun, the trip was educational. The boarders learnt that glow worms are not worms at all, but rather they are the larvae offspring of the fungus gnat.

Adult fungus gnats lay about 130 eggs then die soon after. After eight or nine days the first larvae hatch. They position themselves near tiny cracks or seepage spots where they can retreat to if conditions become too cold or dry. The light is produced by a chemical reaction between certain body fluids and oxygen.

It was a great experience and an example of the diverse activities enjoyed by Tudor House boarders.

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