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Step on worn bricks that were once touched by leaders.

What’s Special about Tudor House

Tradition and Heritage: There are not many schools that can boast a continuous education offering stretching back 115 years.  Tudor House has such heritage.  Our list of luminaries is remarkable.  Once enrolled, your son will enter a privileged network of luminaries.  Being a Tudorian lasts a lifetime and the network stretches across all aspects of Australian society.

Male Role Models: Our school has a high proportion of positive male role models.  Over 50% of our teachers are male.   We even have a male teacher in Infants, teaching our Year 1 class. 

Boarding: Tudor House is the only stand-alone primary boys school that offers boarding, with boarding available from Year 5.

Dining: we teach our boys manners and table etiquette.  Every boy at Tudor is provided with Food for Learning, a programme that advances table manners and teaches etiquette.  Every lunchtime our boys eat together in our classic Dining Hall at table.  They undertake chores and are mentored by teachers.  Our teachers eat with the boys.  This is quite exceptional and is a unique quality of Tudor House.

Space to Explore: we have one acre per boy! Situated in the Southern Highlands, the school enjoys a unique setting, often called a "wonderland for little boys" with over 160 acres, a dam, creek, rolling pastures and even a working farm.

Rich Reserve of Resources:  Tudor House boasts comprehensive facilities including a specialised woodwork room, a music centre with five practice studios, a drama studio, an art centre with kiln for all those pottery creations, a BMX track, tennis courts, swimming pool, golf driving range, rugby, cricket and soccer fields, even an indoor gymnasium. 

Small Caring Classes: Tudor House allows a boy to explore his potential.The school caters for boys from Kindergarten to Year 6 in small classes. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:9. The emphasis is on engaging boys in their learning to nurture a love of learning and a wonder of the world.  We want our boys to have as a foundation the life skills necessary to confidently keep apace of this rapidly changing world. Our focus is on learning for life.

Classrooms for Learning: Our classrooms are designed for learning. Our purpose is to increase the learning potential of each boy. It starts in the classroom. Each room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, full audio-visual services, a printer for each room, computer banks, full display areas, comprehensive resources, modern ergonomically designed furniture for good posture, air-conditioned comfort and small withdrawal rooms.

Centre of Excellence for Technology: Tudor House benefits from its affiliation with The King’s School, Parramatta, in that we share the same cutting edge technology and professional services. All this technology falls under our Technology Plan and includes some fantastic resources designed to help our boys learn more.

Boys Own Learning: Educating boys is a specialist activity. Boys learn differently from girls and by focusing on boys, our staff, our environment and our programs are specially designed with a focus on active engaged learning. At Tudor House, our long and successful history illustrates that boys are understood. Boys are given the opportunity to enjoy timeless pleasures of exploring the great outdoors. In a rapid world, Tudor is a breath of fresh air. 

Every Boy is Special: Our school believes that every boy has skills and talents. It is our task to uncover these strengths, and to build upon them. Tudor House provides an environment for the quiet and the active, for the scholar and the sportsman, for the artist and the musician, the camper and the singer. Every boy from Kindergarten to Year 6 is valued, warmly welcomed and encouraged.

Our Added Value: Tudor House is an Anglican boarding and day school for boys, encouraging personal development and developing literate, skilled and resourceful individuals. The ‘added value’ of Tudor House is significant. Only a tour of the school will allow prospective parents to fully comprehend what makes us so unique.

It simply isn’t possible to detail all elements of Tudor House.  Why not register for a tour by contacting Mrs Eileen Norman, our Registrar, or phone the school on (02) 4868 0008.  We are certain you will be pleasantly surprised!


Looking back now, my years at Tudor House were amongst the best years of my life.  We just had so much fun. And the friends I made are still with me.

Tudor House Old Boy

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